Telecharger Ebook Gratuit Paper Towns. Film Tie-In

Paper Towns. Film Tie-In

Telecharger Ebook Gratuit Paper Towns. Film Tie-In

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5Le charme de John Green à l’état pure!
Par Milka
Comment ne pas craquer pour un autre livre de John Green.Ayant lu d’abord “Nos étoiles contraires”, je me suis décidée à acheter d’autres livres du même auteur. La plume de John Green est délicate , j’adore.C’est l’histoire de Quentin qui craque pour sa voisine Margo depuis qu’il est petit. Etant enfant, ils passent beaucoup de temps ensemble. Mais avec l’âge, les deux ne se voient plus et ne se parlent plus.Un jour Margo disparaît et laisse pleins de petit indices à Quentin. C’est alors avec ses amis qu’il va tenter de retrouver Margo.C’est une très belle histoire. On s’attache très vite au personnages. Lu an anglais, il se lit facilement et rapidement.Je conseille ce livre à ceux qui aime le charme de John Green!

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5Courtesy of Teens Read Too
Par TeensReadToo
I first fell in love with John Green when he came out with the book LOOKING FOR ALASKA. I was equally enchanted with AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES. Last night, I finally finished John Green’s latest and greatest addition, PAPER TOWNS. Mind you, I have been trying to finish it for three days crammed between work, work, and more work. It got to the point that something had to give and it was going to be my work, because I just had to finish the book. I read someone else’s review and she said that she was tempted to skip to page 305, the last page, to see what happened to one of the main characters, Margo. I want this person to know I was tempted to but, alas, I did not peek either – I was so proud of myself. Besides, waiting until the end made the book even more satisfying.Reading this book reminded me of the people who I went to high school with – the band geeks, the jocks, the Untouchable popular kids. I knew people that were like Margo, Quentin, Radar, Ben, and Lacey. Some I liked, others I didn’t. I get Margo’s feeling of needing to get out of the paper town she lives in so she doesn’t get even more sucked in.Would I have done it her way? Probably not, but her way led to some really funny dialogue between the characters and a neat little mystery to figure out.PAPER TOWNS pulls you in from the beginning. One thing Green does so well is go into detail, painting rich layers seamlessly tying together the characters and their stories.We read a story about something that happened in Quentin and Margo’s childhood and then skip forward many years to a time right before Prom, which Quentin will not go to for any amount of money offered. Things get interesting when Margo shows up at his window dressed liked a ninja, insisting that he has to help her. Mind you, Margo is Quentin’s unrequited love, so you tell me, does he go along with Margo’s adventure? It only takes a little coaxing, but he sure does. The night, as they accomplish all the things on Margo’s list, who is hellbent on revenge, is pretty magical, not just for Quentin but Margo, too.School the next day was definitely interesting, for lack of a better word. Quentin struggles to say awake in class because their adventure lasted to just about dawn, and then realizes that Margo isn’t in school. I am not sure if I would have gone to school, either, after all they had done the night before….The question will soon become – where is Margo? She has seemingly disappeared, leaving clues for Quentin to find. Will Quentin and his friends figure out the clues, and will they lead to Margo? And if they do, will she be dead or alive? You will just have to read the book to find out.It will not surprise me one iota if Green walks away with a few awards for this book. Definitely another winner!Reviewed by: coollibrarianchick

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3Pretty good
Par Véro
Maybe I’m too old for this kind of “finding yourself” novel- but I also think there’s too many repetitions and clichés masquerading as insights. I do like it, though- it’s entertaining and moving, and it’s better than most young adult fiction out there.

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